Inside the White House Remodel 2017

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The White House is undergoing a mega Home Makeover, and the snaps inside are so fun to see.

Of course, we’re not conducting the remodel all the way over here from Arizona. But we’re admiring the planning that must have gone into this project of epic proportions.

Could you imagine being just a normal crew member today, and the next day working on site at the White House? What a perk of this job!

I hope the remodeling crew realize that they’re building history – literally!

The Oval Office isn’t receiving any big updates. Only resurfaced hardwood floors.

But isn’t the space striking without the normal rugs and furniture covering up this surface?

Yes! This striking design can make an appearance in the main room of my Arizona room.

Images courtesy of USA Today.

3 Open Concept Before and After Kitchen Remodels to Make You Drool

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3 Open Concept Before and After Kitchen Remodels to Make You Drool

The 90’s called, and they want their kitchen in a box back.

Less boxy walls and constraints make a kitchen a nicer place to gather. And then the chef doesn’t feel like they can’t be a part of the party.

Here are three kitchen remodel before and afters that inspire us. There’s an extra bonus at the end too!

Doesn’t this room feel lighter? The actual footprint of the kitchen did not increase when we tore down this room, but it feels lighter, brighter, and bigger.

See more after photos here.

This kitchen before and after really made us say wow.

The kitchen had a formal dining area with vaulted ceilings before. The homeowner had a real vision in expanding the kitchen into the dining area that just wasn’t being used. Tah-dah! Double the square footage!

See more after photos here.

This kitchen before was so cramped. In a 1900 square foot home, it just wasn’t proportional to the rest of the house.

By breaking this kitchen out of it’s box, it created opportunity for more storage, and less stuff on the countertops. Don’t you feel like you could have a party here?

Bonus Bathroom!

Before the shower/bathtub combo and toilet were behind a little door with no natural light.

But when you knock down the wall and add a long window, the space feels big and modern.

See more after photos here.

5 TED Talks That Will Inspire Your Next Home Remodel

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5 TED Talks That Will Inspire Your Next Remodel

Since the first conference way back in 1984, TED Talks have inspired us, captivated us, and given us something thought-provoking to watch over lunch.

Here are 5 TED Talks that will get you inspired before tackling your home project – kitchen or bathroom remodel. Get some confidence and inspiration before you ever lift a hammer.

Magical houses, made of bamboo | Elora Hardy
Why the buildings of the future will be shaped by … you | Marc Kushner
Claim your “manspace” | Sam Martin
Eco-friendly drywall | Kevin Surace
3 ways good design makes you happy | Don Norman