Tom Bovee


Tom is lovingly referred to as the master of plenty. You may see him with his hands dirty in some plumbing, but typically he’s making new client friends.

We also refer to Tom as factoid guy. He can spin off Arizona Building Code metrics to the thousandths decimal place.

Tom grew up in the home services space. His grandfather (and primary babysitter) was a major home developer and builder in Phoenix from the 60’s through the 00’s. Tom grew up on a jobsite, and was practically predestined to grow a beard and build things.

He’s married to Reyna – another peg in the Home Makeover engine.

Deb Nowaczyk


Debbie is the design heartbeat of Home Makeover. Her design style is ROI focused – she is intentional in creating beautiful spaces that maximize space, function, and investment.

Debbie received her degree in design in 2000, after a career shift from 25 years of floral design. Simultaneously, she received her real estate license to parallel her skill design skill set.

She is the mother-in-law of Tom Bovee, and biological mother of Reyna and Jeromie. We keep it all in the family.

Zach Mendenhall


Zach is a Packers fan, who was born and raised in Arizona. Go! Pack Go!

He’s also a sand or snow type of person. So you won’t catch him in The Valley on the weekends. He tends to like places with low wifi signals.

Zach’s favorite part of remodeling homes is the tah-dah. He’s the guy loving your look of shock when you step into your finished and remodeled space.

Jeromie Nowaczyk

Electrical Management

Jeromie’s parents owned a commercial steel building company, where Jeromie was always on site managing the crew. He’s always had a liking to bossing folks around.

Since, Jeromie has developed his proficiency in electrical. He’s an excellent attic navigator, and has ran more electrical home runs than the Babe.

Jeromie is a big time outdoor explorer. He capitalizes on any excuse to play in snow drifts or desert dirt.

Reyna Bovee

Business Development

Reyna is in the background as the active computer nerd. She takes and edits video, and says “smile” a lot. She also creates paperwork and meetings.

When she emerges from the office to hang with the crew on site, she typically has home baked goods in tow.

She leads online presence, including social media and marketing.

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